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Paulene So - January 2010 FHM 100% Hottie

4th time's the charm! And the 5th! And the one after that!
| Jan 6, 2010
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Why FHM fans can’t and won’t seem to get enough of Paulene So, we perfectly understand. This is one of those times where everything feels and looks so right, no matter how many times done. [firstpara] This shoot is Paulene’s fourth time with FHM to date, and if she wants to grace our online pages over and over again, not only would we not mind; we will gladly oblige too.

It’s been said before, but it sure is true. Try as you might, it’s hard to take your eyes off her. No amount of guilt or remorse will save you from catching a glimpse of her curves.

No wonder all eyes are on this Dubai-raised beauty, from the young lads hanging out at the computer shop she now owns to the offers she’s been getting from showbiz.

The catch is, this girl already has it made in life – way before FHM discovered her. By the time we finish sorting through her photos, it can be said that we have made it as well.

You are one of the most in-demand online babes ever. Why do you think so?
‘Di ko alam eh, honestly siguro dahil sa previous shoot ko kasi totally naked ako doon. Haha!

But did you expect the massive amount of response you got? Your photos reached 500 comments!
Hindi, kasi nung nag pose ako akala ko ok lang eh, na nag-show ng boobs. And then madaming nag-comment na tuwang-tuwa sila. I thought bakit kaya ganun? Hindi ba madami naman nagpo-pose, dahil yata sa nipple. Hindi ko alam bakit nagulat sila lahat!

You think a nipple or two makes the difference?
Siguro, feeling ko dapat magpakita lang ako ng ganun kasi kapag hindi baka ma-disappoint sila eh, haha!

People have been noting your resemblance to Katrina Halili all day. Are you flattered?
Oo naman, pero mas maganda siya siyempre! We haven’t met pero nakita ko na siya in person.

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