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Racyann Oliva - FHM #NewCrush February 2016

Better fasten your seatbelt as Racyann takes you in for a ride!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 22, 2016
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Eighteen-year-old Racyann Oliva is the missing link between teen superstars Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre. We haven't conducted any scientific experiments but judging by the rate of our pulse, we'd say the three are on the same level.

The Muntinlupa beauty is currently finishing her degree in entrepreneurship, which should prove handy soon enough. She's young, but already, she's being groomed to handle her family's shipping business in the future. "My aunt is in the business of logistics, and if everything pans out well, I'll be the one succeeding her," shares this month's #NewCrush.

But while she's serious with her studies, Racyann knows how to have fun. Beyond her sweet looks is a thrill-seeking junkie who loves pushing her limits—speed limits to be exact. "I'm into car racing! I think I can even beat guys in a race," she tells us. "I once drove my uncle's Mustang and it was really fun! Ang bilis!" And her favorite car? "I'm still undecided on which particular model, but I'd love to have a Ferrari."


Intimidated? Don't be. If you think you'll need supercars and mad driving skills to impress this pretty speedster, then you can breathe easy, brother. "I'm really easy to please. As long as you have a good sense of humor and you're not mayabang, we're good," she tells us. And sunflowers. ("They're definitely my favorite flowers!”) If you can pick up a bouquet of those bright yellow plants right before you pick her up—presumably in your three-wheeled Mr. Bean car—you score big points.

Now check out her FHM Slumbook entry to know more about Racyann!

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Got all that? Click on the gallery below to see Racyann's #NewCrush photos!


Photography Jerico Montemayor Styling Debra Bernales Makeup Rhina Montemayor Hair Georm Imperial

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