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Raven Villanueva - March 2008 Online Babe

Lovely returning FHM babe
| Mar 1, 2008
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Another batch of Raven’s photos will be uploaded next week only here on FHM.com.ph!

INTERVIEW: Ron Jay Eduvas
PHOTOGRAPHY: Erwin “Weng” Barleta of Edge of Light
STYLING: Jasmine Mendiola

Think of a high school TV series and one that comes to mind is “One Tree Hill”—mostly because of its sizzling cheerleaders, just like Sophia Bush. A life in a small town with spiraling dramas, ironies and a whole lot of making out, plus hot chicks like Sophia and Hilarie Burton all in one package.

And if there’s really such a dramatic place on earth where a junior high student can drive a Mustang, sponsor almost everyday in-house drink-all-you-can parties, and see fine cheerleaders shouting “Go Ravens!” in their tight-fitting uniforms, now who wouldn’t want to be part of that? That’s why here in FHM.com.ph we’ll be giving you one hot “Raven” that can make your hearts cheer out loud! Let’s welcome another homecoming queen, the ever-sizzling Raven Villanueva!

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