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Regina Castillo - FHM April 2010 Online Babe

Regina is out to make one hawt April

by FHM Team | Apr 9, 2010
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She’s into hot girls. She’s into costume bedplay. She does a pretty mean striptease. So really, the question that’s begging to be asked here is what more could a man really ask for? [firstpara]

We’re guessing you’d also probably want to ask her about her personality, her likes and dislikes—and sure they’re nice things to ask, important even—but don’t you bring out your slambook just yet buddy.

This doll’s bubbly, amicable personality makes her someone you’d likely be able to connect with easily. What’s more she admits that she doesn’t need some rich, Mercedes Benz-owning hotshot, so long as you’re cute enough. Our advice: go get whatever haircut those Koreans are sporting now.

On a more serious note, Regina Castillo, despite having a body that gives her the right to be some queen bitch of the universe or some variation of it, is really just a girl after all.

Most babes will tell us that they’re just looking for someone who’s “mabait,” and at least, mildly presentable, but when it’s Regina telling us that, we actually believe her.

Possibly because, there’s just something disarming with the way she talks and the way she gamely (and effectively) deflects our admittedly obnoxious jokes about her big breasts. Sorry Reg, boys will be boys.

This is your 2nd time here, right? How different is it now from your first time?
Mas daring ngayon. Mas nakakatakot ngayon. First time ko ‘tong magpakita ng nipples. As in first time talaga.

Where did you get the strength to do that?
I think sobrang comfortable ko na kasi with my photographer kaya nagawa ko. Siya lang nakapagpagawa nun! Ngayon lang nangyari ‘yun. And I trust him, kasi he really knows my angles.

We heard you shot a portfolio for a local television channel. How was it?

Yeah. I have plans of pursuing a career in showbiz. Na-try ko na rin mag artista before, kaya lang yung mga binibigay sa aking roles puro wholesome, sa mga parang comedy, mga ganun.

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Then I stopped, because I was juggling modeling and yung pag-aartista. Naging mahirap na siya. Sa pag-aartista kasi, papapuntahin kami kunwari ng mga 7pm, tapos matatapos kami ng 5am, tapos pababalikin nanaman kami ng mga 7am uli. Unlike sa modeling, after the show or the event, rest ka na. Sa showbiz, basta may contract ka na, kailangan mo nang tapusin ‘yun.

What roles would you have wanted instead?
I’d like to take on something sexier, tapos ok rin na medyo may comedy.

If you were given the chance to make a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
I’ve been asked before, actually. It was an indie film na parang mala Scorpion Nights ‘yung dating. Kaya lang hindi pa ata ako ganoong ka-ready ata sa role na ganoon. So inisip ko munang mabuti, and in the end, hindi ko siya tinanggap.

Recently, someone offered me a role again. This time, musical naman. They asked if I know how to sing and dance. ‘Eh I think I can do those, so sabi ko sige, try ko yan.

So you’re not yet ready to something as sexy as that first film offer?
Hindi pa rin actually. Kasi hindi ko pa rin alam kung ano ‘yung mga ipapagawa sa akin once nandoon na ako, once I sign a contract. We were trying out a few scenes at first, pero doon pa lang sa unang pinagawa sa akin, parang hindi ko na ata kinaya.

What’s holding you back?
Personally, parang kaya ko naman ‘eh. Kaya lang yung family ko, ‘yun ‘yung nakakaharang sa mga iba kong gustong gawin ‘eh kasi ayaw talaga nila ng ganun e. [firstpara] ‘Yun ngang ibang pictures ko sa 100% Hottie gusto nilang patanggal ‘eh. Pero hindi ko nalang pinansin. Haha.

You still live with your family, right? Do you think you’ll be ready when you move out of your family’s house?
Well, kahit mag-move out ako, makikita’t makikita din naman nila ‘yun eh. Siguro ano nalang, kung gusto kong gawin, gagawin ko nalang talaga. Ano pa ba magagawa nila kung nagawa ko na, ‘di ba?

While you might not have done films yet, you’ve obviously done a lot of modeling. Can you tell us some of your past works?

Car shows, TV commercials. I did a shoot for a cellular company too. Until now, pwede pa ngang ma-download ‘yung mga pictures ko sa mga cellphone nyo ‘eh. Mga sexy pictures din ‘yun.

Pero really, this is my first time to do topless! Never pa talaga until now. A lot of people have asked me before if I can do something like that, pero sabi ko talaga hindi! Haha. Talagang marami akong tinanggihan, kaya nagulat ako na nagawa ko siya ngayon! Haha.

Before you came to the shoot, were you preparing your mind already to take of that top?
No, no, no, akala ko makakaligtas pa ako ‘eh! Haha.

And how does it feel that you’ve finally done it?
Kinakabahan ako sa resulta, pero ok lang. At saka since this is for FHM, panatag naman ako. May satisfaction din sa sarili ko kasi maganda ‘yung mga kuha ‘eh, maganda naman pala lumabas. Mas gusto ko ‘yung shoot ko ngayon, kaysa dati.

We have a very discerning online community. Do you think you’ve done enough, you’ve shown enough to make them happy?

I don’t know, pero alam kong maraming magugulat! Haha.

We bet. And you’re obviously gifted in the bosom department. We’re just curious, when did they start to grow?
Haha, parang 15 palang ata ako, may something na diyan ‘eh. Nakakatawa nga ‘eh, kasi before sumasayaw pa ako. Eventually, sabi nung mommy ko, hindi na daw bagay dahil malaki nga, so huwag na daw. Eh ‘di nagisip ako kung anong pwede kong gawin, eh di nag-aral ako kumanta. Pero gusto ko pa rin talaga sumayaw!

At age 15? We reckon a lot of your highschool guy classmates noticed.

Hindi ‘eh kasi before boyish ako, para akong tomboy. As in ‘pag pumoporma ako balot na balot palagi, walang nakikitang curves, doble-doble damit ko. Haha.

Can you say you didn’t have a lot of suitors before?
Marami rin naman. Mas marami nga noon ‘eh kaysa ngayon. Kasi naman iniisip agad nung mga guys na “ay hindi ako pwede diyan.” Naiintimidate na sila agad, iniisip nila na kailangan macho, rich or may kotse.

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Siyempre, hindi ko naman pwedeng sabihin na “uy, pwede mo akong ligawan ‘no kahit wala kang kahit anong ari.” Haha. Basta mabait lang. And cute, pwede na rin.

That’s good news. Anyway, you said earlier that you were boyish. Did you ever have a lesbian relationship?
Wala naman. Pero I do feel a certain attraction to some girls. Among FHM babes, I like Che-Ann (Cherry Ann Kubota). She’s a close friend.

Do you think you’d enjoy a romantic kiss with her?
I’ll kiss her…but only as a friend. Walang tongue action! Haha.

If not lesbian action, what does turn you on?
Wearing costumes turn me on! Meron akong nurse, maid, bunny suit, schoolgirl, ang dami! Tapos pati ‘yung guy dapat naka-costume din siya.

And what’s your favorite costume?
The nurse costume. Para gagamutin ko ‘yung guy. Siyempre pag may sakit, kailangan papawisin ‘di ba, para gumaling? Kaya papapawisin ko siya. But I won’t describe in details nalang. Haha.

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