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What else can bring a tinge of sun and warmth into our rain-drenched lives during these wet, drippy months but a scorching hot babe? A cuppa joe might be fine and dandy, but wouldn’t you rather have Renee Summer warm your insides? Certainly, her name couldn’t have been more appropriate.

The last we’ve been with this Batangas beauty was in October 2007, when she happily played the FHM 100% Hottie hat. Prior to that, she made an appearance in the FHM’s Ladies Confessions, where she vowed to keep her cherry intact until she’s tied the knot.

But we know that promises are just cute, little things made of porcelain. They aren’t exactly the sturdiest things in the world. Renee got honest with us, and said that she might indeed have dropped and broken a few of those things—with only a childlike ‘oops’ to accompany a moment of such gravity.

It’s been awhile. What have you been up to?
I’m studying right now at La Salle College International, taking up Fashion Design.

So, your modeling career is taking a backseat now?
I think so. If there are opportunities, why not? It’s just that my main priorities right now are my studies. I have classes four times a week, so it’s really taking up my time. Other than that, I’m also focused on my businesses. May spa ako at saka boutique.

Renee Summer - July 2009 Fhm Online Babe

INTERVIEW: Gelo Gonzales
PHOTOGRAPHY: Doc Marlon Pecjo
STYLING: Badj Galias - Genato
MAKEUP: Telay Robles
HAIR: Annee Simeon

More red-hot photos of Renee will be uploaded next week only here on FHM.com.ph