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FHM Idols March 2015 - Rizza Diaz Calls Time-Out!

Rizza takes a break from her busy schedule to chill and relax. And, oh, we're all invited to join her!
by Pong Castillo | Mar 27, 2015
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If you ask us what our type of girlfriend is, Rizza Diaz would easily fit our requirements. Aside from her obvious assets, this barely five-foot-tall PBA courtside reporter knows how to hang with boys—of course, she has to in her line of work. But after meeting with her for this, her third FHM shoot, we learned about what she really likes and how she likes things done. And, well, we really like-y!

For one, Rizza doesn’t believe in the classic ligawan. If you have what she wants from a date, then you might get lucky to get invited to her home on the second date. “Hindi kasi ako nagpapaligaw…if I really like you, then we are hanging out," she shares. "Wala masyadong restrictions just so I can get to know you.” Sounds too liberated? Sorry, grandpa, but we love no-bullshit, decisive type of girls.

Rizza here also admits that the guys she works with in the PBA are exactly her type to date. But fret not, you non-athletic dudes; more than the physical attributes, she says a funnyman can make her weak in the knees.

We could go on and on with her other "types," but why should we when she's more than willing to share it with all of us. Here now is Miss Rizza Diaz, unplugged, away from the sidelines, and in nothing but her comfy sleeping clothes, talking dating...and the wonderful rewards for the man who's really good at it! *wink*

In relationships, what should a man do to make you go beyond your comfort zone?

Well, first I have to trust that person, you know. If I am to stretch my boundaries and myself to the limit, I have to trust that person. Regardless of what I have to do, you can make me do it if I trust you.

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You are always surrounded by jocks in your line of work. Does being tall and athletic give guys an extra edge?
I’m so lucky to be doing this job, kasi yun talaga ang peg ko sa lalaki: tall, athletic, and talented. Yes, it’s a plus for me. You can’t teach height, that’s what they say. And since I’m super petite, everyone’s just taller than I am. Pero guys who are taller, broad-shouldered, has a nice chest, turn-on yun! That [physical look] also speaks so much of their character and their lifestyle. Alam mong disiplinado, kaya turn-on talaga.

What’s your take on this: Totoo bang babaero kapag basketball player?
Alam mo, they’re in a very difficult position. They’re so blessed—they have a good job, they have nice a body, they’re talented. Girls would flock around them, you know. Who wouldn’t be? Ha ha! Damn. Ang galing-galing nila. They’re in a very difficult position to resist and behave, but I’m proud of how they are behaving. At least some of them. Ha ha! Hindi naman lahat yan maloko. Some of the baddest boys on the court are the most gentlemen off of it.

Do pro ballers really intimidate girls?
I got used to it na. Physically hindi na ako na-i-intimidate. Height is nothing to me, honestly. I believe I’m so much taller than I really am. Starstruck siguro, minsan. The likes of Manny Pacquiao, yan yung talagang nasa-starstruck ako. Ha ha!

We had you in comfy pambahay for the shoot, something very different from what you usually wear at work. How are you at home? Can you give us some tips on the things girls love to do when they're at home?
I’m super lazy. Ha ha! I can sit around, do nothing—eat, sleep, lounge—all day, if I can. I’m not yet the wife material who’s into so much cooking and homemaking. I don’t really get to spend so much time at home because of work, so when I do, I just want to relax. If I cannot do anything, I won’t do anything. But I’m a neatfreak, though. Mahilig ako maglinis. Ha ha! I may be tamad, but I am not burara. Ayoko ng makalat. Ha ha! And I like to be alone at home.

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No surprise visitors and company then?
Maybe. That would be nice. But I enjoy myself. Ha ha!

Filipinos are still traditional, especially when it comes to the classic ligawan. Say you still live with your parents, would you invite suitors home?
Of course, that’s still a plus for me. Lalo na yung mga girls who have protective and strict dads, 'di ba. For someone who has that courage to face your parents and visit you at home, that’s someone with a great deal of effort, you know. And as much as makaluma na as it sounds, siguro isa yun sa mga magiging basis na, “Hey, he’s serious!” I mean, dealing with parents? That’s a big deal!

The same goes for the girls. 'Pag inuwi ka na ng boyfriend mo to meet the family, that’s when you know your relationship is serious. It’s just like going to church. If we hear mass together, then we must be on a serious level.

What’s a non-negotiable pasalubong a suitor can give?
I can never say bringing food is too much. Ha ha! But I don’t think bringing flowers pa is necessary. Ha ha! I think it’s smart to bring something na pwede i-share sa buong family.

Since you’re living alone, when is it good for a guy to go over at a girl's place?
Second date? Ha ha! Hindi kasi ako nagpapaligaw… I mean, I like to get to know the person, but if I really like you, then we are hanging out. Wala masyadong restrictions just so I can get to know you. But then, the risk is there. If it doesn’t work out, I don’t think there’s much to lose. Pag gusto ko, kami na. Pag ayaw ko naman, sasabihin ko rin naman sa'yo para hindi sayang yung oras mo.

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Aside from the bedroom and the sofa, where do you think is the best part of the house to do the deed?
Kitchen! Maaksyon sa kusina… Top of the counter! Or sa banyo is good, too. Shower. Sink. Actually I have a fantasy, parang gusto ko sa may bintana. I live on the top floor of a building, and exciting lang isipin na pwedeng may makakita. Ha ha! Teasing sa mga kapitbahay!

What tip can you give non-athletes in the dating game?
Plus points sa akin ang nakakatawa. I love funny guys! Kahit hindi pogi, kahit walang abs. And I like guys who are good at what they do. It’s nice to be surrounded by passionate people.

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