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Roxee B - FHM Online Babe June 2014

We really, really like the new Roxanne Barcelo!
by Pong Castillo | Jun 6, 2014
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It took us a while to believe it, but its true–Roxee B is no longer the teenybopper we used to label as “cute.” She's now a grown-up woman, proud to flaunt what the heavens have blessed her with. Much has changed, but we can't help but like everything she decided to bury her head into now.

For one, we like that she’s buddies with many of our premiere cover girls. Marian Rivera?Nakakainis yun eh, ang ganda-ganda na nga, sobrang fit pa,” Roxee tells us. Same goes for Aubrey Miles and Diana Zubiri, who she says seem to look even better as the years pass.

We also appreciate the awesome stuff (Bikinis! Yoga pants! Workout clothes!) she posts on Instagram. But most of all, we like the fact that she's more open now than ever before. “There’s no part of me that wants to bullshit people anymore. What you see is what you get,” she proudly claims.

In that case, what you're about to see and get is Roxee at her sexiest. And we really, really like it.

Welcome back, Roxee! It’s been a year since we last worked together.
I’m super excited to do this one, especially since it came at a right time. I’m launching my album next month, and it’s so timely kasi even the peg for the whole shoot, it’s sort of where I want to go with the look of my album. It’s a good opportunity to talk about my music again. FHM got me last year for a Woman of the Year theme, and that came timely for my song then entitled "Woman of the World." So it’s good to be back again for my music. Bagay na naman yung peg!

Do you write and produce your own stuff?
I wrote two of my songs in my upcoming album. The three other songs were also my ideas, and I work with a team in producing them. Lahat ng nilalaman ng puso ko nasa album na ‘to. I’m more positive and hopeful now, and that’s what I want to impart to people, especially women. My first single in my upcoming album is entitled "Morena," and it empowers Filipinas. The hook goes: “Iba magmahal ang isang morena.” I want women to feel that no matter what color your skin is, you should accept and love who you are.

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Women empowerment, women running the world…you remind us of Beyoncé.
Beyoncé is such an amazing icon, even Rihanna. These women came out strong. Even the word “fierce,” it’s very fitting, you know. I want women to think that being fierce beats their fears in life. Women shouldn’t be driven by their fears.

You seem more confident now, we like that. It's rubbing off on us!
I guess I'm more confident with who I am now. One of my outlets is music. I told myself that, this time around, I want to prioritize what I really want instead of doing what people want for me. I can’t keep doing what people expect of me. In our generation, there’s so much struggle to be ourselves. Now, there’s no part of me that wants to bullshit people anymore. What you see is what you get. I was very scared of what people would think of me before. Something had to change.

We take it that this also has something to do with you growing out of your teenybopper shell and becoming a grown-up woman.
Yeah. I feel like I’m finally more aligned with whom I’m supposed to be. Plus everything I do now is sort of what I’ve always really wanted to do in the business.

We’re flattered we’re part of your plans!
Absolutely! I’m grateful to FHM because you guys allowed me to express myself in this kind of way.  You came again at the right time for me to share with you more of my stuff.

Do you still get raised eyebrows when you go for daring projects?
I guess surprises are always a good thing. There are just people who react differently to surprises, and I realized that those people are the ones to ignore, and really not give a shit about. Negativity is something I really want out of my life. I just stay focused.

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