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Sara Polverini - FHM Online Babe December 2012

Sara plans on doing her own fashion line soon. She tells us it may look like a lot like the ones she wears here. Hot!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Nov 30, 2012
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We’ll be honest: When we first saw Sara Polverini, she intimidated us. It’s not because she’s 7’0” tall or something like that, it’s her looks that somewhat scares the bejesus out of us. In the vernacular, it’s called suplada.


Imagine she’s standing right in front of you, that smoldering gaze of hers fixed on your face, as if challenging you to try to make a move on a girl like her. Then imagine yourself not being able to do anything but stare at her beautifully sculpted body. You do this even if you know that, if she catches you, you’ll get another nakatutunaw look from her dusky eyes.


Yet when she stepped in front of our camera, we could not not watch. And when she spoke to us in her disarmingly sweet voice…all our apprehensions disappeared. You see, Sara isn’t intimidating after all. She’s just so out-of-our-league that our brains can’t help but shut down when in her presence. We reckon it’s in fear of doing something embarrassing in front of her. Like shaking her hand too long or, worse, drooling.  But hey, if making a fool out of ourselves can make her laugh and produce the kind of pictures you get to see here then we wouldn’t mind it. Not at all.


Welcome back to FHM, Sara! Do you still remember the first time you worked with us?
Yes, the first time I did FHM was with my girl group, Eurasia. I was with four other girls.  I think that was two years ago.

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It’s been a while then, what have you been up to?
Well, [apart from Eurasia] I did a reality show called Pantasya with Jade Lopez and Yam Concepcion—I’m sure you guys are very familiar with them. Aside from that, I’ve also studied make-up and I’m planning to design my own bikini line. I’d love to show it off through FHM, maybe you can use my designs for your models.


Sure! What else has been keeping you busy?
Well, I’ve been doing other shoots. I recently shot for FHM Ladies’ Confessions, which is coming out soon. And then there’s this shoot. Only this time I’m showing much more skin compared to my first FHM appearance, which I think was more conservative.


Does this desire to be more daring extend to your everyday life?
Well, I don’t think I’m conservative and I don’t think I’m a wild party girl either. I’m just in between. I’ve experienced enough fun and have done crazy things in my life—like dance on a bar ledge or get tipsy in a night-out—but I never went too far.


We admire your self-control. Any reason behind it?
I don’t know why I have self-control. Maybe it’s just my personality. I like to have a good time but I know my limits as well.


Is this something you also look for in a man?
What do I like in a guy? I like a guy with a nice personality. I don’t have an ideal guy, ‘cause I’ve noticed that my ex-boyfriends were different in their own way. But I like a guy who’s nice, who has nice sense of humor, and who has a direction in his life.

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What do you do to relax?
I’m a pretty laid-back person, so you’ll probably find me on the Internet. Sometimes I like to go to the mall. I’m also into health stuff: I’m interested in going to the gym, being healthy, that kind of thing. Once I in a while, I do like to party, but, as I've said, I don’t over-do it, siguro mga once a week or every two weeks. I’m more likely to go watch a watch movie, chill, eat out.

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