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Sarah Robertson - May 2011 Online Babe

<p>Model by day, DJ by night, all sexy.</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | May 6, 2011
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Sarah Robertson, from the land of kangaroos and koalas, whose curiosity to find out if Filipinos really were “so lovely, so kind, and so humble” eventually brought her to this shoot with FHM, has got a lot of spunk.

Rightfully so, because the babe’s a DJ, and everyone knows there’s no lording over clubs without, you know, a little attitude. That much was apparent from the very moment Sarah entered the shoot premises and stepped up to the plate. We just felt it in our easily intimidated hearts that not only did she have “a little attitude.” She brought tons of it, which she put to good use in the shoot.  

Never mind that she was still exhausted from the flight from Aussie. Never mind that this was Philippine summer at its most unforgiving. And never mind that she had partied the night prior (the girl’s particularly averse to the words “slow” and down”).

She exuded confidence, a brand of boldness matched only by her prominent cheekbones, and strong jaw line, and livid sensuality evoked by her fierce, hungry eyes that cougars would have loved to have for themselves if only they didn’t have those dreaded crow’s feet. We’ve used the terms “dangerous curves” too many times if we may admit it so ourselves, but that’s really the only way we could describe this babe’s nice, toned physique.  

Let us tell you a little something more about Sarah now. She used to play the violin in her teen years. She is learned in the ways of classical music theory. And she knows all the coolest, newest bands from Australia. Yet she says you don’t need to be able to differentiate Bach from Mozart or whatnot. All you need is a little story to tell her, some Craig David pumping from the speakers, and who knows? You might just get lucky. Dance to the music, we always say, as Sarah has always done so herself.

So what brings you to the Philippines?

I was visiting my friend Anna Scott. I haven’t been here since I was really little. I’ve come across so many people lately that have been here, and they just absolutely adore the place. So yeah, I’m visiting Anna, as well as, checking out the nightlife here, and what the clubs are like here.

I was really little when I first visited, so I don’t remember anything from that trip.

Loving the weather?
It’s so much hotter here. Australia’s summer don’t really go over 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity here is just like a really heavy blanket over you. But I like it as well. Last night, when I arrived at like, 10 pm at night, and I didn’t realize that the day would get that so much hotter.

What have your friends been telling you about our country?
Everyone that I meet who is a little bit Filipino, or has Filipino blood in them is just so lovely, so kind, so humble. They’ve got a lot of soul. From hanging out with Anna and some of the other girls that I know, they’re always singing, dancing, and always having so much fun. So yeah, that’s part of the reason why I wanted to come over, and see more of the Philippines.

I’ve had friends who have gone to Boracay recently, and pretty much, they didn’t want to leave, telling me it was this absolute paradise.

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