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Savannah Lamsen - September 2010 FHM Online Babe

<p>The woman returns, tied and captured before us!</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 6, 2010
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Today we take notice of the wonders of an hourglass. An hourglass consists of two connected vertical glass bulbs allowing a regulated trickle of sand from the top to the bottom.[firstpara]

Once the top bulb is empty, it can be inverted to begin timing again.

But before we bore you and hit us on the head with it, what we’re trying to say is this girl of ours, for the most part, is one.

September 2010 FHM Online Babe Savannah Lamsen is an hourglass of the finest, optimal quality.

For starters, witness her body. Her female form is certainly unprejudiced. Savannah is as busty as she is curvy, voluptuous even.

Thank heavens the corset was invented, for a body such as hers deserves a perfect mold of clothing.

Add to that that her beauty, cliché as it appears, is timeless. Savannah has the face of a Cleopatra in a modern era. She’s got that foxy look, sharp snake eyes; everything just compels us to sound pathetically poetic here.

Feeling accountable however is Savannah, who admits she needed more time to prepare for her FHM comeback, prompting us to reschedule the first time.

A mere week later, and she arrives before us looking like she does. Now here we are, going about this hourglass thing in the first place.
You had to say no to us the first time, but you eventually gave in. What gives?
Isang linggo bago niyo ako tinawagan so sabi ko wala akong time and I gained weight. When I said yes, nag-lemon detox ako. Sobrang hirap!
What is lemon detox again?
Ilang araw ako hindi kumakain, mga 4 days ko siya ginawa. Parang water therapy din siya. Lemon at water lang ako the whole time.

Have you always been weight-conscious?
No, hindi ako pala-diet talaga. Dun lang ako magdi-diet kapag may shoot. Hindi ko naman pinipilit na sexy ako parati. Relax lang ako sa life ko. Hindi ko masyadong iniintindi kung merong nakatingin sa akin o kung anong sabihin nila.

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