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Shutterbug Mandy Martinez Drops The Camera And Plays Model For A Change

No more hiding behind the lens for this artistic stunner
by Ash Mahinay | May 26, 2017
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If this girl looks familiar, you aren’t mistaken. She’s the third Martinez sister to grace FHM with her fine presence, and we have to wonder, are they hiding any more cute sisters back home? Mandy is really a photographer rather than model, but she’s undergone a role reversal for this shoot because she thinks it’s a good learning experience. We like that kind of experimentation in women of course.

You are actually the third sister to join us on FHM, that’s quite a winning streak.

Well I’ve never really tried modeling before and I thought it would just be something interesting. And from a photographer’s view, I could learn from being on the other side as well.

So you’re actually a photographer first, what kind of things do you like to shoot?

Mostly people, so portraits and stuff like that. I'm self-taught. I took a basic course about two years ago but, other than that, I just look up stuff online.

You’re also from Las Pinas (aka the South Life), which has this very relaxed vibe.

It’s definitely [more laid back]—the places are different, less urban. So my photos kind of reflect that. A lot of nature, neighborhoods, more chill.

Have you worked professionally?

I usually put my photos on Instagram and I just rebuilt my website recently. [I work] mostly for just like Instagram and online brandst. Some magazines, too.

Is shooting something exclusively for IG different from a more traditional shoot?

I guess the ideas are different? Everyone has their own vision for something. It’s not as strict.

What else do you want to shoot? Are you looking to pursue it as more than a hobby?

I guess fashion. Right now its more of a hobby because I’m still learning. I just want to get used to it, get to know my style.

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How about modeling?

Modeling I’m not so sure, ha ha!

Did you come to this shoot armed with some sisterly advice–or maybe scare stories?

Not really, because they’re used to modeling so for them its not as hard!

Have you ever done a shoot all together?

Yes we did, it didn’t turn out so well, ha ha! The makeup artist did a really bad job on our faces. We didn’t look like ourselves afterwards, so then we didn’t really feel comfortable shooting. Not between us, it was the team that was kind of making us do what we don’t want to do­. It was kind of weird and a little creepy, ha ha!

What’s it like having a sister squad like that though?

It’s actually pretty normal because with most of my siblings—I have a lot of siblings—our parents really encourage us to pursue our passions. We're very untraditional when it comes to things. We either draw, paint, play an instrument, model or doi photography—really more focused on the arts.

No parental heart attacks when you brought this up then?

Not really. I think they were [skeptical] at first when it was Angela. But then after they said, “Oh okay, it’s not that bad.” It’s something that a photographer would have a thing for.

What else keeps you busy aside from pursuing art?

Right now, I’m just doing freelance work. Other than that, I’m just figuring out what I like and what I’m into and how I put that into work.

What are your leisure goals?

I guess I just go online like everyone else does, ha ha! Watch movies, just chill at home. I also just came back from Masungi Georeserve. It’s a hiking trail, and it was crazy. You’re basically hiking through three different mountains. They have these staircases and bridges and you have to rope climb and there’s no harness or anything—you just have to rely on yourself!

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Do you happen to have an “Instagram boyfriend” for these things?

I don’t have one [and I don’t really need one] cause it’s the other way around, I’m taking everyone’s photos, ha ha!

So ever get into that situation where everyone has photos except you?

Sometimes, but then I’m used to being behind the camera so I don’t mind it so much. If I get one photo, just for keeps, then it’s okay.

So no begging for photos? For real? Because we sometimes get stressed by all the picture taking.

Not so much. I’d rather just enjoy my time than take pictures of everything.

Will you be doing more modeling in the future?

Maybe. It’s interesting, and like I said, it’s a way to learn to take photos of models by being in their place. Seeing how it is, and how I would want to be directed.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned from today?

To try out a pose first before you let your model do it, ha ha! See if it's actually possible!

Producer Mary Rose A. Hogaza  Photographer Andrea Beldua  Stylist Debra Bernales  Makeup Janina Dizon  Hair Rhoy Cervantes  Bikini Stoked  Special thanks to Karlo Mendoza 

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