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Bikini Model Angela Martinez Is Our New Favorite Pretty Young Thing

She's smart, artistic, and as real as it gets, and she says she's just coming out of her shell. We're loving her already
by Chise Alcantara | Feb 24, 2017
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When it just started, Instagram was just a place to dump all of your badly taken selfies and overly documented Starbucks beverages. Now, because of the ingenuity of broke Internet users, Instagram has become an avenue for businesses, personalities, and products to become more visible to their consumers. And because of the insane capitalist mindset of the Instagram community, you would see advertisements getting sneakier and sneakier to try and win over your limited attention span.

At the young age of 19, Angela Martinez already has 27.5k followers on her Instagram account and if that doesn’t impress you, take note that she’s merely doing it all for fun. You heard that right—no manipulative business plan to get you to like her posts or suggestive product placements to get into your heads. It's just her. No frills. No bullshit. Just a pretty young thing having the time of her life while all of us lucky gents get to watch her blossom. And of course, your old pal FHM has you covered because we sat down with this beauty to get to know her a little better. We just have a feeling that there's more to this mysterious girl than meets the eye.

So just to get it out of the way, what’s up with the Instagram handle (@angelasburgers)?

When I made my Instagram account, I didn’t expect it to become big, so I never really thought of making a clever handle. I just used a random cartoon I liked, Bob’s Burgers, and honestly, I don’t really feel like changing it, ha ha!

How did you get started with Instagram modeling in the first place?

My sister wanted to practice taking photos and she needed a model to take pictures of so here I am, ha ha! I actually didn’t want to be one at the start, but eventually I started becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. I haven’t gone through any formal training yet so almost everything I know now is what I learned from working with my sister and other photographers.

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What made you realize that you were starting to get more famous?

After I started posting photos of myself online, I would get messages on Instagram from photographers who wanted to work with me. The fact that I was getting offers to model for a lot of projects told me that people were starting to take notice. Though, I don’t really think much of it and generally, I am just doing it for fun.

How did it feel like working with different photographers other than your sister?

Most of the people who contacted me were also just starting out so all of us were just trying out new things to see what would work. I started modeling two years ago, when I was just 17, so I had a lot to learn about it. There’s not just a lot of models, but there are also a lot of photographers that want to let people see their works. Everyone has a different style so it’s always interesting to see what you can come up with after working with someone.

What do you think people like about your Instagram posts?

I notice that a lot of people gravitate towards people they think are confident in themselves. If you try to hard to compensate for things you don’t have then you tend to look fake. It’s more about not caring about what other people might think when I post something and doing what I want to do rather than listening to other people.


Are you also working with vloggers and other influencers?

Oh, I’m not an influencer. At least I wouldn’t call myself that. I just post pictures I like on Instagram and if people approach me to work with them and it seems like fun then yeah, let’s do it. I only get to work with people during shoots. I don’t go to events to mingle with people because I’m rather shy and introverted despite what you might see on my Instagram. I guess it’s just easier for introverts to show more of themselves nowadays because they have access to online mediums.

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While going through your Instagram, we also noticed you had some pretty good drawings on there.

My Instagram account used to be an art and foodgram, ha ha! I’ve been painting ever since I was five years old. I usually draw women in surreal backgrounds because I really find that contrast interesting. I grew up with a lot of art around me since almost everyone in my family either paints or can play an instrument. But ever since @angelasburgers got more popular, I stopped posting personal stuff there and just concentrated on what I think other people would like other people to see as well.

Yeah, we see how your feed has slowly changed through the years. Not that we’ve stalked you entire feed or anything...

It has changed a lot. I even used to post makeup tutorials, and still do occasionally, since I enjoy it a lot since it is a kind of an art form in its own way. But modeling really helps me get out of my shell. Now, I’m way more open to trying out new things, but I still have a few boundaries. Before I started modeling, I had a hard time talking with people and getting from one place to another by myself. Now, I just text my mom, and say ‘Hey mom, I have a shoot somewhere, don’t wait up!’ My parents are very supportive of the things I enjoy doing.

A lot of online personalities, especially young girls, have been exposed to a lot of bashing and harsh comments online, do you have any advice for them?

I know it’s hard to zone out negative people like that because even though I’ve gotten used to trolls and bashers, sometimes reading those comments really do hurt. Don’t listen to them because if you do then, who’s the loser in the end? That’s the problem when people comment online, they can say their opinions but you can’t really respond to them, because people are only going to think that you’re too sensitive and there’s no winning that argument. Just stay strong and accept who you are, and you’ll be fine.

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