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Welah Oghayon - FHM 100% Hottie September 2014

Wela owns a bakery and a laundry business, and this month she adds another possession: your full attention!  
by Alex Paita | Sep 8, 2014
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Despite her “tila nanghahamon ng away” physique (you know what we’re talking about), Welah Oghayon turns out to be a really reserved person. She mumbles, stumbles, and giggles in between answers even to our most innocent questions, and often ends her statements with “Chos!” that if this were a police interrogation, she’d have been wrongfully accused.

Lucky for Welah, this is FHM, the publication that employs the most understanding staff on the planet. For one, we’ve already forgiven her for the extravagant use of “h” on her first name—it’s to avoid confusion with a similar-sounding shampoo brand, and maybe a couple of other Welas we’ve featured before. We also understand why she was acting nervous all throughout the shoot: Welah is fresh from a two-year hiatus from modeling and this is just her second encounter with the lenses in a long time.

Clearly these did not stop us from digging deep into our 100% Hottie’s mind. Her explosive arsenal didn’t faze us either. We mean, why in hell would they?

You kind of surprised us with your appearance in the magazine with long-time FHM ally Bianca Peralta [
“Ladies’ Confessions,” FHM Lounge, September 2014]. What’s the story behind it?
Bianca is an old friend. I’ve known her for five years now. That shoot is one of my first shoots in a long time. Kailan lang kasi ako bumalik ulit sa modeling—when my ex and I broke up. Chos!

How long have you been gone?
Almost two years din. But I was never a full-time model naman to begin with. I used to do photo-shoots lang, but not car shows. Feeling ko kasi hindi ako qualified, ha ha!

More of overqualified, actually. So you and Bianca met through modeling? A photo-shoot?
Yes. And then we’d always go out, magkasama kami sa gimikan. Minsan pumupunta siya sa bahay, nag-iinuman kami.

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What’s the one thing we need to know about her?
Si Bianca, sobrang malambing—actually “mahalang tawagan namin. Chos!

We are all familiar with the fact that Bianca swings both ways—she’s very open about it actually. Hence, we demand to know what goes on during those drinking sessions you two are having…
Ah oo, yun nga ang sabi-sabi kasi mahilig siyang mang-halik ng girls! Ayun, naghahalikan kami! Pag lasing kami, lahat kaming magbabarkada we play around and kiss each other. Pero friends lang kami talaga ha!

How can we be so sure?
Ha ha! Nagkakatuwaan lang naman kami, pag lasing kami siyempre we fool around. At the end of the day lalaki pa rin naman ang gusto namin. 

Thank you. Anyway, we hear you own a bakeshop...
Mga eight years na siyang open. We make cakes, bread, pastries. It used to be managed by my mom. Lately lang kasi ako nag-aral ng baking and pastry sa CCA. I just graduated last month. So now I’m managing the shop. Nung natuto na akong mag-bake, ako na rin ang gumagawa. But I love baking brownies and cookies the most.

What’s your secret to baking perfection?
Kailangan with feelings pag gumawa. Kailangan mahalin mo kung ano yung ginagawa mo para maganda ang kalabasan. 

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