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Yassi Benitez - FHM Online Babe January 2014

Yassi Benitez is no sneaker-head but she sure looks damn fine in rubbers!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 3, 2014
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Yassi Benitez looked so fly in her kicks—a Jordan 11 Gamma Blue—when she arrived for her FHM Online Babe shoot that we elected to ditch all of the sexy stilettos our stylist had prepared in favor of her sneakers.

This girl, we told ourselves, will look better in rubbers. Yassi, a car-show veteran and an FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party regular, couldn’t agree more. “I’m not really a big [Air] Jordan fan but I really love wearing ‘em. It’s really comfortable and way, way cool,” she tells us. “Besides, I feel a lot sexier when I’m in one!”

And like the many hunches we’ve had the past year—putting Ms. Alice on our cover, favoring underboobs and sideboobs to nakabuyangyang boobs, filling your 2013 with a monthly dose of Abby and Jahziel—our manyak instincts again proved to be correct. Paired with relaxed tops (read: torn- or cut-apart shirts) and skimpy undies, Yassi and her Jordan 11 smoldered in front of our camera.

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We can go all day long harping on about how her shoot produced the right combination of curves, a pretty face, legs, and a wonderful pair of… shoes. But we won’t—because we know what you want, and you know that we got it. However, it’s rude to just go drool over a lady without knowing her first, so scroll down for more on sneaker-loving Yassi!

Happy New Year, Yassi! How are you?   
Happy New Year as well! I'm all good! I’m really looking forward to 2014!

Did you have a good 2013?
Yes, I did actually. I got a lot of new projects like billboards, a couple of endorsements, and I got a part in a movie, too! I’ve also done a couple of international projects/shoots, so I can say that I had a really blessed 2013.

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?
This year I will be willing to accept more projects! Ha ha! But seriously, if meron lang. Ang resolution ko talaga is to stay fit. Visiting the gym is what really keeps me busy nowadays. I really have to discipline myself, especially when it comes to workouts, because I need to be always fit and healthy. Part of the job yun eh!
So we should prepare for a sexier Yassi this year?
Of course! But honestly, hindi talaga ako naniniwala sa resolutions...because I might not be able to commit myself into fulfilling them, ha ha ha! I just do want I have to do and make sure that I’ll be always happy in every little thing that will happen. That’s it! Ha ha!

How did you spend your New Year's Eve? Nagpaputok ka ba?  
Ako, nagpaputok? Takot ako sa paputok eh, medyo may trauma ako riyan. Don’t ask why! Ha ha ha! I just spent my New Year with my family. We had a typical Media Noche, a simple salo-salo, to welcome the New Year. I really believe that you must start the year spending it with your loved ones.

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