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Yassi Coo - FHM Online Babe March 2013

Yassi Coo is now officially an FHM favorite!

by B.A. Borleo | Mar 1, 2013
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This shoot makes it official: 19-year-old Yassi Coo is now an FHM Favorite.

We first introduced you to her last October. Then on January we put her alongside other potential FHM favorites in a photoshoot designed to highlight the superficial things we like about her: that she’s undoubtedly pretty (it's undebatable, she’s pretty to everybody), tisay, curvy, and reminds us of those pretty, tisay, and curvy women from Korea.

Uneager to wait a couple of months before we see her again, we invited her to the FHM 150 party and unabashedly took as many pictures as we could with her on the event’s photo booth. If you already have a copy of this month’s issue—which you really should by now, click here if you still don’t have one—you’ll notice that Yassi’s on it, this time acting as eye-candy to a steamy set of Ladies’ Confessions.

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Our infatuation with her then spread to the online front: We showed you web exclusive pictures of her first shoot, then asked her to teach you how to make tissue paper roses in time for Valentine’s Day—what a cute little video that was. And now, there’s this, which marks her SIXTH appearance on anything FHM.

And we’re pretty sure this won’t be the last you’ll see of Yassi. Someone at FHM HQ will come up with an idea (more of an excuse, really) that will have us calling her up again—we’re creepy that way.

All we want now is that you see what we see in her—and no, we’re not talking about her rack. We want you to see the roughness in Yassi that we’ve grown to love. We’ve thrown the compliment many times before but this might be the perfect time to use it again: She’s the girl-next-door type. She’s also witty, smart, honest, charming…we could go and on. But we won’t. Instead, we let Yassi Coo reel you in herself.

Welcome to, Yassie! In only six months time you’ve been invited at several FHM events, have already thrice appeared on the magazine—including  the monumental FHM 150—and now you’re our Online Babe for March. Is it too obvious how much we like you?
Uhm, medyo. At siyempre flattered ako kasi di ko ine-expect na uulit pa ko. Okay na ko dun sa first shoot ko nung October, at least na-experience ko rin na malagay sa magazine, FHM pa. So masaya ako na umulit pa ko. Nakailan na ba ko?


Hindi. Ha ha! Delete, delete!

What were you expecting to happen after your first shoot?

Hindi lang ako umaasa na may kasunod. Ayokong mag-assume at mag-expect kasi masakit [pag di natuloy]… Charing! I just waited for what’s next.

What do you think would you be doing if you didn’t cross paths with us?

Siguro aral. I was planning on continuing with my college course, AB English.

A writer!

Third choice ko lang yun, ha ha! My first choice was tourism because I wanted to be a stewardess. My second choice was theater arts…

Because you wanted to be an actor? Sorry, corny…

Hindi. Mabilis kasi akong umiyak saka I was also accepted in the theater group in my college. Eh dahil late ako nakapag-enroll, napuno na sa first two choices ko.

So modeling wasn’t really a part of your “dreams”?

Wala talaga. Of course, when I was younger I thought of it. Pero ayoko kasing paasahin yung sarili ko. I’m not that type of person.

Well, what kind of person are you?

I’m more the live one day at a time type. Bahala na kung anong mangyayari bukas.

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