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Yuri Choii - FHM's #NewCrush February 2015

This half-Japanese, half-Korean hottie is ready to conquer your dreams this February!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 23, 2015
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It’s no secret that we love Japanese girls around these parts (ahem, FHM Sexy GIFs) and love those leggy Korean girls just as much. So when we were told about Yuri Choii, a hybrid Asian with a Japanese mother and a Korean father, we knew we had to get her on these pages.

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The best part? There was no language barrier to cross when speaking with the soft-spoken Choi (she explains that in Korea, people are called by their last names). Yes, she speaks Korean but has no trouble handling Filipino. Perfect. A Japanese-Korean cutie that speaks Filipino—a truly ideal situation if we’ve ever seen one. (Unfortunately, we weren’t exactly able to lead any of our conversations to her telling us “Ang pogi mo naman” or anywhere near that vicinity.)

Perhaps the most interesting she said that day was, Ito na yata ang pinaka-maraming beses na ngumiti ako sa isang araw,” referring to the kind of photos we were taking. Typically shy and reserved, she says it takes more than a little smooth-talking from a guy to get her to flash her pearly whites. But when she does, you can be sure it’s from the heart. Or at least that’s how this fresh face made us feel as the snaps piled up.

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Now, you might have seen Choi already as a member of the latest batch of the reincarnated Premiere Vixens, one of her biggest modeling gigs to date. But whereas she showed her fiercer side in Vixens, here, as the first woman to be featured as FHM's #NewCrush, you’ll see the 18-year-old in softer hues, and in a more relaxed atmosphere where she can just stretch her legs that—how do the kids say it?—go on for days.

She signed the FHM Slumbook too, where we got to know a few things about her:

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Just in case you get the chance to actually meet her beyond the screen, at least now you know that steaks are probably a good idea for a date with Choii. In case you don't get to actually meet her beyond the screen, we've got enough photos for a warm and lengthy introduction.

Click on the photo below to view her gallery!

(Follow Choii on Facebook here!)

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