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Zo Duro and Jahziel Manabat - FHM 100% Hottie August 2011

An epic struggle of undressing between East and West
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 1, 2011
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Remember that double trouble Hottie feature we had featuring Tracy Torres and Mellow Johnson? Two babes, putting on a show, for your pleasure. Such sweet memories.

It has also been two years since that whole shebang took place. Now it's back, and taking their place are a pair of equally fine, young lovelies. One's a blondie from Canada, a gem of a find amongst the members of MyFHM, and a former Online Babe. The second one, needless of any introduction, is Jahziel Manabat, who snagged the 68th spot in the most recent edition of FHM's 100 Sexiest.

One's a blondie, the other, dark-haired. One would rather be getting a tan, while the other would rather be obsessing over the latest whitening magic soap. Regardless of differences in hair, eye or skin color though, Zo's tattoo, scribbled on her right leg, sang about the truth of the matter: "We all bleed the same color."

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Likewise, your eyes aren't lying to you. They're both more than worthy of being called an FHM babe—and it's not just because they're bombshells. It's that attitude, that feistiness, that confidence in their eyes that really gives this tandem some fire. It wasn't so much of a battle of "who got best," as much as it was a give-and-take affair of fierce, seductive looks, and okay, of holding each other's breasts. They both admit that they don't have lesbian tendencies, and we believe that--no matter how much these photos will lead you to believe otherwise.

Why we don't do this more often, we don't know too. But better late than never, right? Let's 2011 double trouble special put a smile on your face.

Both of you made your presence felt during the 100 Sexiest show. Jahziel put on a show on the ramp, while Zo made friends with the crowd. Zo, how was your experience?
Zo Duro: It was awesome, it almost felt like I was a natural at it. Sometimes, it feels like sometimes they do get my jokes, but they didn’t want to laugh because they’re like “Did she really just say that?” It was really fun though. There was this police dog that actually ended up biting my shoulder. I didn’t get my rabies shots before coming; I didn’t think I’d need it. But maybe I’ll go back home, and I’ll start salivating…who knows? Ha ha.

And during one instance, you even met one of your first Facebook fans, right?
ZD: That was really funny! His name is Jovs. And when I first created my Facebook page for FHM fans, he was one of the first people to add me. It was super funny when I saw him in line and I was like “Jovs! No way!” That was probably one of the best moments. Hey Jovs! I know you’re there! Ha ha.

This whole thing might be opening windows of opportunities for me in the future, and hopefully I’ll be coming back. I’m very fortunate, and thankful that I’m getting all that love. But—and you can quote me on this—I would never let anything get to my head. I want to come back for sure.

That girl beside you, Jahziel, is an FHM celebrity too. How’d it feel doing a shoot with this hottie?
ZD: Well, we were this close to making out. No lesbo, but…
Jahziel Manabat: You liked it?

ZD: I did!

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