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Zo Duro - August 2010 FHM Online Babe

<p>She's Canada's sexy version of a Cinderella story</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 6, 2010
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While we all know that girls love guys with a sense of humor, not very many of us know that girls are also attracted to men with a sense of optimism.[firstpara]

We have to thank Zo Duro, our Online Babe for August, for letting us in on that little-known trivia about women. The French-Canadian model got a hold of our attention—and yours, as well, we pressume—when she started uploading awesome photos on MyFHM.

Soon, we started making friends with a whole bunch of you guys with her comments, instantly displaying a sunny  attitude that has become elusive of late. We just had to make her Profile of the Week. Soon, Zo and FHM were on email basis.

And how could we not? Her positivity is incredible! We were even surprised at ourselves: where we would've been annoyed at such self-help positivity, was happiness—the real kind! The girl has infected us, and we were quite happy to be so.

Apparently,  this is all borne from a Cinderella-esque story: Zo used to struggle with her weight. She did something about it, became super hot, and finally pulled enough guys to join the MyFHM community.
Here, she is, looking very bit worthy to be on the same page as Paulene So and Carla Bianca.

Zo’s a pretty cool name. Is it your actual name?
I am French so my actual name is Zoé (pronounced Zoey in English). Regardless of my French roots, the origin of my name comes from the Greek language and signifies life.

What you’ve done here today is a very rare feat. How did all this happen?
I feel very flattered to have the opportunity to be featured on your site. I just sent in pictures one night and didn’t really expect to hear anything back, I just figured, “why not?” But to my pleasant surprise I got an e-mail the next day asking to jump on board, and of course it was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Are you used to doing sexy shoots like this?
I have never done anything like this before. I am excited to see what opportunities will come my way in the next while, as I am pursuing other opportunities. Photo shoots can only get better with more practice, so I’m always looking to learn new things to improve the quality of my shoots.

You were quite enthusiastic the whole time, too. Are you the type who gets what she wants, when she wants it?
Yes and no. Yes, because sometimes I do get what I want more often then some people; I’m very personable and easy to bond with.

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No, because I still have to be persistent to get what I want sometimes, because not everything in life goes my way.


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